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For our New Students!

Items to bring the first day : all items coming into school need to be labeled with your child's name - Thank you!!

  • water bottle - will come home every day
  • a set of extra clothes in a sealed zip-loc type bag.   
  • extra masks - 2 or 3
  • diapers or pullups if needed
  • outdoor clothes - hat, rainboots, rain jacket or muddy buddy.  
  • Full day students need a lunchbox.  All food containers should be labeled.  
  • Full day students will need sunscreen with a completed authorization form.   
  • Smiley, Heart and Bear room students will be resting.  They need a crib sheet or large towel to cover their cot and a small blanket.  Students may also bring a small, stuffed animal to use at nap and leave at school.  

Returning students will need to have their emergency cards reviewed and updated.   This will be done at drop off and pickup.  Parents can  also complete a new card Student Emergency Form | MDOW Preschool

Snack and donations - directions for snack signup will be given to you by the classroom staff.   MDOW can always use donations of lysol-type wipes, tissues and paper towels.  

Health forms and signed covid document may be emailed to  

To see our who is teaching in the classrooms - Staff Schedule | MDOW Preschool

During the school session the first tuition payment is due July 1.  Payments are then made a month in advance, due on the 10th of the month.  Tuition & Registration Fee Information | MDOW Preschool    

Summer Tuition may be paid as a lump sum or divided into 3 payments with the payments being due May 15th, June 15th and July 15.   A vacation discount may be deducted from the final payment.  

To join our facebook group page - seach for Mother's Day Out of Westchester and request to join.  

To contact us Contact | MDOW Preschool   or call 410-465-3777.  

Looking forward to a great School Year!!!