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Registration & Classroom availability update (2/18/2021)  

Registration for September 2021 is open for current families.  YOU ARE CONSIDERED CURRENT IF YOU HAD REGISTERED FOR the SEPT. 2020 school year. Even if your child did not attend because of COVID, your family status is current and you may register beginning on the February 5th.

We are expecting to be accepting children in diapers by September 2021.

Assumming the Covid restrictions on social distancing will be lifted, more children will be added to classrooms, tuition rates will go down from the present $60/day.

ALUMNI registration will begin on Friday, February 19th at 7 a.m.

New family registration will begin on Friday, March 5th.


Current School Year Registration

Due to social distancing restrictions, MDOW is not able to add any more children to our classrooms.   

*We are not diapering at this time.

To minimize contact between the students  we are keeping siblings together.  We are not able to offer extra days or aftercare school care. 

Tuition is $60/day, 8:00-3:30,    $32/half day, 8:00-12:00.  

The tuition rate is a bit higher than usual as a result of the health and safety Covid-19 regulations and it is also why we are currently not offering a sibling discount or vacation day discounts.

For information please email Deb at









To submit a registration form please go to registration page or call 410-465-3777.