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Mother’s Day Out of Westchester, Inc has over 20 staff members. The teachers all meet or exceed the educational requirements mandated by the State of Maryland. All MDOW employees have had a complete background check. All employees receive continuing education every year and many are CPR and First Aid certified.  

The classrooms are staffed with a lead teacher and an aide. Most of the MDOW classroom aides are qualified to be lead teachers. MDOW has been able to retain employees to provide a stable learning environment for our students. Most of the staff were trained and hired after their children graduated from MDOW.  

Below is a list of the current MDOW staff. Staff biographies are included for several of the staff listed.

Name   year started current position
Kathleen Alberg 2006 music teacher
Heather Bateman 2008 teacher & aide
Diane Boeckman 2000 aide
Laura Bochmann 2012-15, 2018 substitute
Kaitlyn Bryan 2015 aide
Kim Bryan 2004 teacher & aide
JulieAnn Burke 2019 substitute
Brianna Claypool 2018 aide
Maddy Dennis 2016 aide
Sheila Donovan 2001 teacher & director
Kristin Hartman 2019 aide
Megan Hineline 2018 substitute
Sharon Hinkey 1995 teacher & admin
Samantha Holderfield 2013-17, 2018 music teacher & aide
Caitlin Hook 1999, 2001-02, 2005 teacher & administrator
Kimberly Hynes 2015 substitute
Marcia Kennedy 2016 aide
Merritt Kenney 1995 teacher
Sue Kreatschman 1999 aide
Doris Lichliter 2012 aide
Debbie Medicus 1995 teacher & administrator
Carol  Mosberg 2001-2003, 2006 teacher & aide
Julie Pallozzi 1995 teacher
Mary Ramsay 2008 teacher & aide
Jordan Rainville 2019 aide
Carmen Schaefer 2006 teacher & aide
Sandy Thompson 2006 teacher & aide
Nicole Tsang 2018 spanish teacher
Kathleen Vain 2016 teacher & aide
Anna White 2018 aide
Diane Whyms 2014 substitute