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Summer 2020

Classroom starting dates

June 29 - Heart room, M-F

July 6 - Jungle Room, M/W/F

July 7 - Ocean Room, T/Th

July 9 - Bear Room, T/Th

The flat rate price of $60.00 per day is a bit higher than usual as a result of our current regulations on how many children are allowed in a classroom, and it is also why we are currently not offering a sibling discount or vacation day discounts.
To minimize contact between the students  we are keeeping siblings together.  We are not able to offer extra days or aftercare school care. 
At this time we do not know if we can have the Kindergarten Here I come program.  If the virus continues to decline it is a possiblity.  
The session will end September 4th for all students except those children going to kindergarten.