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Summer 2021!

The MDOW Summer Session is June 7- Aug 27.

Registration is now open!  Please go to 

The 2 yr old Smiley Room is back!  We are opening the Smiley room for the morning only.  Diapers are ok!  Two year old children who would like the full day will be in the Heart Room. 

The Jungle Room will be focusing on getting children ready for Kindergarten and keeping the skills going for children who have just finished Kindergarten.  These classes will be 9-3:30 Tues/Thurs or   9-3:30 Mon/Wed/Fri

 We are offering half/day classes!

MDOW is still operating under covid protocols.    In order to minimize the number of contacts for staff and students the classes will not be mixing and registration is more structured.  Even though we are allowed to operate at full capacity, MDOW will be limiting the classroom sizes to meet the social distance guidelines.  Smiley room may have up to 8 and all other classes will be capped at 14.  Staff will continue to wear masks and students who can wear a mask successfully, will wear masks indoors. Children do not wear masks outdoors, during meals or at rest.   Some staff will be teaching more than one group of children.    The students will be engaged in outdoor discovery play and learning as much as possible! 

Parents may register for : 

  • Monday thru Friday, 9-3:30
  • Monday thru Friday, 9-12
  • Monday thru Friday, 12:30-3:30
  • T/TH  9-3:30
  • T/TH  9-12:00
  • T/TH  12:30-3:30
  • M/W/F  9-3:30
  • M/W/F  9-12
  • M/W/F  12:30-3:30

Before care, 8:00am – 9:00am, will be available but it will need to be scheduled a week in advance.  The fee will be $10/day. 

Vacation days discount – Financially, MDOW is struggling.  MDOW will offer a vacation discount if we can afford to do so.   This won’t be known until we get closer to summer.